Head in the Clouds

by | May 9, 2024 | Uncategorized

You may be daydreaming, preoccupied, or deep in thought. Maybe you are absent-minded, unconcerned, or unaware of your immediate surroundings. Possibly, you have an idea or view that others find impractical. If so, someone may jolt you and suggest you have your head in the clouds.

Someone telling you to get your head out of the clouds is undoubtedly a way to grab your immediate attention. We may not appreciate the directness, but it is indeed jarring. Instantly, we will refocus.

Imagine total strangers saying that to you. While such words would draw your focus to whatever subject is at hand, it is probably not a welcoming command. Yet, it remains a powerful visual metaphor.

The disciples may not have physically had their heads in the clouds, but their focus was directly on the clouds above them. On the Day of Ascension, a day we observe today, Thursday, May 9th, the Apostles were awed as they witnessed Jesus ascending toward heaven. Two men, angels in white robes, suddenly appeared among them, rebuking them about their focused attention. “Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking up toward heaven? (Acts 1:11)” Translation: get your head out of the clouds.

This Ascension Thursday, we are reminded to keep our heads out of the clouds and keep our feet on the ground instead. Jesus prepared the disciples, including you and me, to continue his ministry until he returns. Staring at the sky will not enable us to serve God’s creation and others in need. Today is a day to focus, release absent-minded thoughtlessness, and pay attention to Christ in our lives. Let’s get up – ascend – and pay attention to how we can offer good deeds today.

While keeping your heads down, prepare to join us on the last Sunday of the Easter Season for worship. On Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, 2024, beginning at 9:30 AM, we gather at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 36 E. John Street, Lindenhurst, NY.

Pastor Marc