Now What?

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The cool breeze welcomed the sun rising over the serene Great South Bay, positioning itself perfectly above the Robert Moses Bridge. This picturesque scenery served as the backdrop for worshipers gathered on the shoreline to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter morning. It was such a stunning view that the preacher was oblivious to the squawking challenges from the seagulls nearby, who were also presumably singing their praises of the good news: “He is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia.”

After the Easter church service, the faithful gathered together for a joyful fellowship, breaking bread at the church’s Easter Breakfast. The meal was a prelude to another worship service, where God’s people filled the sanctuary of St. John’s Church to offer thanks and praise for the resurrection of Our Lord. The service included joyful music, scripture readings, and Holy Communion. After the service, worshipers continued to celebrate in the Lord’s name by joining their family and friends for parties and enjoyment of the day’s beautiful weather.

He is risen. He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

But now what?

The Sunday following Easter is often referred to as “low Sunday” because church attendance typically drops significantly from the previous week, and may even be lower than an average Sunday. Easter is the most important day in Christianity and draws so much energy that many people may feel exhausted after the celebrations. To put it in a sports analogy, Holy Week can be compared to the playoffs, with Easter morning being the Christian Super Bowl. After the big game, we may need some rest.

Before you decide to skip worship next Sunday, I urge you to consider the sense of shared faithfulness that we all experienced during Easter Sunday’s worship. Our faith is built on such collective experiences, and it is important to maintain them. One of my favorite scriptural passages from Romans speaks to the Christian community in Rome, where St. Paul expresses his desire to visit and help build their faith, as well as his own, through shared faithfulness (Romans 1:11-12). This passage was even included in my Pastoral Installation ceremony at St. John’s in January.

Plus, if you miss this coming Sunday’s worship, you will miss out on hearing about the disciple who missed out on seeing Jesus. There’s no doubt you want to be there. Join us for worship on Sunday, April 7, 2024, at 9:30 AM, at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, 36 E. John Street, Lindenhurst.

Pastor Marc